Mobile Security Barrier

Razor Wire Rapid Deployment System, Perimeter Security Measures, Security Fence

Themobile security barrier is designed for rapid deployment of effective barriers during the police and other special operations, used in security and rescue or riot control. This razor wire rapid deployment system is a serious obstacle to the entry of people and vehicles. Mobile razor fence security barrier is packed in a container. The container is made of wire with a diameter of 6 mm in the form of 2 baskets with 4 knobs and 3 locks to connect the circuit and baskets for transporting. It is a spiral security barrier concertina enclosed in a specially designed lightweight cassette that provides the ability to quickly deploy, collapse of the barrier, and its safe transportation. The mobile security barrier is designed for portability, expanding and collapsing the calculation of two people. Ease of assembly is ensured by special hooks. The ends of the coil fixed to the basket brackets. On handles attached rope with hooks to secure the baskets for the materials at hand when you install the mobile barrier.

Specifications of Mobile Security Barrier
Dimensions folded 700 × 1112 × 1232 mm.
The length of the unfolded state 10-80 m.
Height 1 m.
Weight 50-200 kg.
Diameter of the helix 900-1000 mm.
Deployment time 1-3 minutes.
Clotting time 5-10 minutes

Main Advantages of Mobile Security Barrier
1. Mobile security barrier concertina is intended to provide quick protection, the range of 75-1000 meters of razor wire barrier can be deployed within a few seconds.
2. The high-density razor mesh can be reused.
3. Provided to the uplift and re-compress into modules, the barrier is easy to handle and compression storage.
4. Adjusted according to customer requirements, to meet different specific requirements.
5. Various military organizations are in need of such tools for effective isolation barrier.
6. In civilian areas, mobile security barrier also have a wide application range.

The Most Popular Size
Mobile rapid deploy barbed tape/ razor wire coils fencing towed by a vehicle.
Length of barrier after uncovering: ≥ 75m.
Height of barrier after uncovering: ≥ 1600mm.

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