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Oil Tempered Spring Wire

Oil Tempered Wire for Custom Springs, Spring Wire Coils, Carbon Spring Wire

Oil Tempered spring wire is a steel wire with superior elasticity and ductility obtained by oil-quenching and tempered process. OT wire has excellent resistance against heat, fatigue and deformation, that's why it's a hot-sales product in China and also gains a market share overseas. Main applications of carbon spring wires are springs for repeated dynamic loads, including engine valve spring.

Material: High Carbon Steel, C: >0.5%
Diameter: 0.5-17.00mm
Standard: ASTM A229, EN10270-2, JIS G 3560-1994
Packing: in coils
Surface: Phosphate or others

Custom Service
All oil tempered wires can be produced according to customers' actual requirement.

Technical Information about Oil Tempered Wire

Grade Application
Valve Grade Engine valve spring, clutch spring, pump& generator spring, spring for air compression equipment, auto suspension spring, etc.
Commercial Grade Shutter spring, spring torsion bar, screen, shock absorber spring, spring for industrial machine, hood, mine, spring for garage door, etc.
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