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Galfan Wire

Alloy Coated Steel Wire, Anti-Corrosion Wire Manufacturer, Metal Strand

The galfan wire is a kind of wire that has a Zn-5% Al-Alloy coating or Zn-10% Al coating. In comparison to commonly-used zinc-coated wires, the galfan wire provides a greater resistant capacity to corrosion. It has built up a good reputation in China and is well received in coastal countries and regions.
Diameter: 1.2 -5.0mm for single wire, 5.4 -13.0mm for 1x7 strand, 9.0 -15.0mm for 1x19 strand
Tensile strength: 350-1620MPA
Coating: 150 -400g /m2
Packing: coils or reels

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