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Quick Link Bale Ties

Quicklink Tie Wire, Metal Wire for Industries, Cotton Bale Tie Wire

Quick-link bale ties are developed for binding bales of highly expanding materials such as cotton, wool, foam, fibers and hay bale. Fabricated by high tensile strength, Quick-link tie wire has been considered as a completely reliable and solid binding wire. Thanks to strong Quick-link tie wire, the compressed material is able to be transported in safe and efficient way.

According to investigation from our customers, the common diameter ranges from 2.0 to 4.5mm and length from 150mm to 8000mm. Galvanized baling wire is provided to improve corrosive resistance in harsh environments.

Specifications of Quick-Link Bale Tie
1. Material: High tensile strength, galvanized steel wire
2. Wire diameter: 2.0 to 4.5mm;
3. Length: 150mm to 8000 mm;
4. Package: 100 - 125 Pcs/bundle;

Application: cotton bale wire, hay bale tie wire, waste paper bale wire.

Note: special sizes can be customized.

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