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Wire for Scourers

Flat Wire, Round Wire, Metal Wire Chinese Product

 Wire for Scourers

Technical Parameters of Wire for Scourers
Material: Low carbon galvanized steel, Stainless steel AISI 430
(1) Round wire: diameter 0.13mm-0.30mm
(2) Flat wire: size 0.7x0.055mm (from 0.22mm round wire)
0.8x0.055mm (from 0.24mm round wire)
Tensile strength: 750-850MPA
Zinc coating for GI wire: min.10g/m2
Packing: on DIN 125 spool, DIN 160 spool, DIN 200 spool, BB 20 spool
Application: for scourer and scrubber

All wires can be produced according to customers' actual requirement.

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