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Copper Clad Steel Wire

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Anbao is a professional wire manufacturer in China, we developed and produced diverse and versatile metal wires, cables and related products every year. The copper clad steel wire is a wire that has high conductivity, tensile strength, corrosion resistance and good solderability.

Technical Parameters of Copper Clad Steel Wire
Material: low carbon steel or high carbon steel.
Diameter: 0.20mm-4.88mm
Tensile strength: Low carbon min 350N/mm2; High carbon min 1100N /mm2 or above.
Conductivity: 21% IACS, 30% IACS, 40% IACS or as per client’s requirement.
Packing: in coils or on reels
Standard: ASTM B910, BS4087 etc.
Application: for telephone, telegraph, etc.

All copper clad steel wires can be produced according to customers' actual requirement

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