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PVC Coated Wire,PE Coated Wire

PVC Covered Wire Rope, Nylon Coated Wire by Chinese Manufacturer

Attractive Advantages of PVC Coated Wire
1. High tensile strength and robust
2. UV and corrosion resistant
3. Suitable for outdoor appliance

Technical Parameters of PVC Coated Wire
Material: Low carbon steel
Diameter: 0.80-4.00mm
PVC coated thickness: 0.8-1.2mm
Tensile strength: 400-550MPA or 700-900MPA
Zinc coating: 12g/m2, 40 g/m2, 200 g/m2
Packing: Coil: 25-400kg
Application: Chain link mesh, loops, garden, guard rail, etc.

All plastic coated steel wires can be produced according to customers' actual requirement.

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