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Double Loop Wire Tie

Loop Tie Wire, Wire Ties and Tools, Tie Wire Chinese Supplier

Whether you are tying bags or rebar, the double loop wire tie surely helps you to get your job done in an efficient and convenient manner. Our rebar ties are widely used in industrial factories, farms, construction sites and homes.

Technical Parameters of Double Loop Wire Tie
Material: black annealed wire, galvanized wire, PVC coated wire.
Diameter: 0.60mm -2.10mm
Length: 3"-24"
Tensile strength: Low carbon 300-550N/mm2
Coating: Zinc coated or PVC coated
Packing: 1000-5000pcs per coil, then in bag and on pallet.
Application: binding.

Custom Service
All loop tie wires can be produced according to customers' actual requirement

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