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In order for the highest possible quality, we carry out strict manufacture and inspection programs. Many Chinese and foreign customers are impressed by our responsibility and high level of professional integrity.

1. Wire Drawing Line
This production line consists of one set of Italy imported large-diameter drawing equipment, many small- and medium-diameter drawing machines and thin wire drawing machines. It mainly produces 12.0mm-0.6mm cold drawn steel wires.

2. Thermal Treatment Workshop
Before drawing, steel wires are firstly sent to this workshop.

3. Galvanizing Line
The large-diameter galvanizing line produces 1.6mm to 8mm low-carbon, medium-carbon and high-carbon steel as well as GALFAN wires, with a galvanized coat weight of 850g/m2 and a monthly production of 8,000 tons. The galvanized wires are mainly used for cable armors, steel-cored aluminum strands, fences and screen meshes.

As for small- and medium-diameter galvanizing workshop, it’s outfitted with 20 production lines, capable to produce 0.15mm to 1.6mm electro-galvanized and hot-galvanized wires. Its monthly production is 3,000 tons.

4. Copper-Plated Steel Wire Production Line
This production line is most often used to produce 1mm to 5mm copper-plated steel wires that often function as internal support frames of high-pressure hoses. Equipped with 36 sets of winding machines, the production line has a fast production speed.

5. Plastic Coating Line
According to manufacture requirements, this line costs PVC, PE or nylon on 0.2mm-5.0mm galvanized steel wires. The coating color can be selected upon request.

6. Steel Strand and Steel Cable Production line
Our company has 8 steel strand and steel cable production lines of different specifications which are capable to manufacture 0.2mm-30mm strands and cables as well as 12.7mm and 15.2mm prestressed steel strands. The cable cores are available with specifications of 1×7, 6×7, 6×19 and 6×36.

7. Prestressed Steel Wire Production Line
5.0mm and 7.0mm galvanized prestressed steel wires are produced by this line. The steel wires find a wide application in prestressed bridge cables.

8. Welded Wire Mesh Production Line
This workshop adopts a full set of Switzerland-imported welded wire mesh production machines, from material feeding, automatic welding, finished mesh collection and automatic piling. The minimum vertical wire spacing is 20mm, the minimum horizontal wire spacing is 12.5mm and the wire diameter is 2.0mm-10.0mm. The finished welded wire meshes are extensively used in roads, husbandry fences and industrial protection fences.

9. Steel Mesh Production Line
This workshop houses many domestic advanced manufacture machines, compliant with Australian AS4671 standard and British BS4483 standard. During production, the vertical wire can be automatically fed and welded, incredibly saving time.

10. Stainless Steel Wire Production Line
Many types of stainless steel are available, such as 201, 304, 316 and 430.

11. Woven Wire Mesh Production Line
This production line is composed of several workshops, i.e. weaving workshop, crimped wire mesh workshop and hexagonal wire mesh workshop. The weaving workshop produces woven wires with a sieve size of 0.003mm to 10mm, wire diameter of 0.01mm to 2.0mm and a maximum width of 4 meters.

The crimped wire mesh workshop most often manufactures galvanized meshes and stainless steel meshes, with a wire diameter of 0.15mm-1.60mm, sieve size of 2-60 meshes. As for the hexagonal wire mesh workshop, it produces galvanized and plastic coated hexagonal wire meshes of various specifications. The color and sieve size can be customized upon request.

12. Gabion Production Line
Equipped with 26 sets of different gabion manufacture machines, this production line is mainly used for producing gabions of various specifications. The wire diameter is available in 2.0-4.0mm and the size is available in 6×8 and 8×10.

13. Perforated Mesh Production Line
Housing 12 manufacture machines, the workshop is capable to produce more than 200 types of sieve shapes. If demanded, we can also produce perforated meshes in accordance with customer’s drawing and requirement.

14. Stamped Mesh Production Line
This stamping workshop makes different-shape meshes. The stamped meshes can be sintered depending on customer’s request for filtration components.

15. Packaging Buckle Production Line
2.0-4.5mm packaging buckles are made in this line. A wide application of the finished buckles is found in the packaging of cotton, waste paper and garbage.

16. Nail Production Line
The workshop has 300 automatic high-speed nail manufacture machines and auxiliary machines for producing a complete variety of nails, such as smooth-surface type, screw type and annular thread type.


Quality monitor laboratory
Our company purchased comprehensive testing instruments to carry out various physical property tests and create effective testing reports.

  • The tension tester is testing the tensile strength and ductility.
  • The tension tester breaks the wire sample and gets the test data.
  • By using the microscope, we can inspect the steel wire surface.
  • The torsion performance of steel wire is being tested.
  • The tester breaks the steel wire and then generates a testing report.

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