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Anbao Wire and Mesh Co., Ltd got its inception in 1996 and was headquartered in the beach city, Qinhuangdao. We are a metal expert specializing in the manufacture of various steel products, such as wires, cables, strands, meshes and nails. We have built up five factories one sales company in China, with a total manufacture complex of 200,000 square meters and a staff number of 1,200.

Every year, we produce120,000 tons of wires, 30,000 tons of steel strands, 30,000 tons of steel cables, 12 million square meters of steel mesh and 10,000 tons of nails. 95% of our steel products are exported to more than 80 countries and regions and are mainly used in power cables, architecture, agriculture, automobiles, food, packaging, garments and so forth.

Our company passed ISO9001 certificate.

We win customer's trust and satisfaction by optimal quality, professional service and reasonable price.

Our top-notch team will reply you within one workday.

Anbao Wire and Mesh Co., Ltd.

Add.: No. 33, Qinhuangxi Street, Qinhuangdao, Hebei province, China.
Tel.: +86-335-3893600
Fax: +86-335-3870760