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Steel Strip for Armouring Cable

Armouring Steel Tape, Steel Strip and Tape, Armouring Cable Manufacture

 Steel Strip for Armouring Cable

The steel strip is manufactured from steel sheets coated with zinc (Hot dipped galvanization) on four sides and finds an application in the manufacture of armoured cables.

1. Tensile Strength: 28 to 50 kgf / sq. mm
2. Elongation: minimum 10% on 250 mm
3. Mass of Zinc Coating: 60 g/m2 to 275 g/m2, both sides including Edges
4. (total weight on all four sides) depending upon Buyer's Requirement.
5. Thickness: 0.20 mm to 1.20 mm
6. Width: 15 mm to 150 mm
7. Coating: 10 microns to 60 microns.
8. Standards: ASTM A90, ASTM A93, ASTM A459, BS 2989, IS 3975 or as per Buyers Specification.
9. Coil Size
Inside Diameter (ID): 125 mm to 200 mm
Outside Diameter (OD): 400 mm to 800 mm or as per Buyer's Requirement.

Usage inclued armouring jelly filled telephone cables and underground power cables.

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