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Gabion Basket

Galvanized Steel Gabion, Welded Wire Gabion, Gabion Mesh Cell

The gabion basket is a steel wire case which is woven by the hexagonal mesh. Its diameter ranges from the coat thickness. If coated with zinc, the gabion wire has a diameter of 2.0mm to 4.0mm. If the cover material is PVC, the dimeter will be 3.0mm to 4.5mm.

Application of Gabion Basket
The galvanized steel gabion is used in many China's large-scale projects for earth stabilization and erosion resistance, flood control and canal construction.

Technical Parameters of Gabion Basket
Gabion Basket
Mesh size Max. wire diameter Max. width
60X80mm φ2-3.2mm 4.3m
80X100mm φ2.2-3.5mm 4.3m
80X120mm φ2.2-3.5mm 4.3m
100X120mm φ2.2-3.5mm 4.3m
120X150mm φ2.2-3.5mm 4.3m
150X250mm φ2.2-3.5mm 4.3m
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