ACSR Strand

Galvanized Steel Strand, Aluminum-Conductor Steel Reinforced Cable, Conductor Strand

Technical Parameters of ACSR Strands
Material: high carbon. (Galvanized Steel Strand)
Construction: 7-wire strand 19-wire strand 37-wire strand 61-wire strand
Strand sizes: 0.234-0.745" (5.94 mm-18.92 mm)
Surface: Galvanization in Coating Classes A or B.(Galvanized Steel Strand)
Packing: in coils, on spool
Standard: ASTM B500, ASTM A475 .(Galvanized Steel Strand)

Used for mechanical reinforcement in the manufacture of aluminum conductor steel reinforced(ACSR) Cable & Conductor ACSR Core wire is used in reinforcement of aluminum conductors used in distribution and transmission of electricity.

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