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Coated Wire Rope

PVC Covered Cable, Plastic Coated Wire Rope, Lock Cable System Solution

We supply a full range of wire rope covered in a range of coatings including PVC, Polypropylene and Nylon as well as special coatings which we can consider upon request.

Our full range of plastic coated wire ropes includes both galvanized and stainless steel wire rope. A wide range of covered rope is readily available from stock.

1. PVC covered stainless steel wire rope
PVC is a low cost, general purpose coating and regularly used to cover 1X19, 7X7 and 7X19 stainless steel wire rope. PVC is a very flexible coating. Typical applications include:
Catenary systems
Washing lines
Abattoir wire
Computer security cables
Lock cable systems
Barrier ropes

2. Polypropylene covered stainless steel wire rope
a. Polypropylene is harder wearing than PVC but less flexible.
b. The cost is generally a little more expensive in comparison to PVC.
c. It's widely used in gymnasium cables, guardrails, catenary systems, horticultural applications, computer security cables, lock cable systems, and barrier ropes.

3. Nylon covered stainless steel wire rope
Nylon 11 and Nylon 12 is a flexible, hard-wearing and abrasion-resistant coating. A superior Ideal for running applications requiring a covered wire rope.
Cannery lines
Gymnasium cables
Computer security cables
Roller shutter cables
Lock cable systems
Barrier ropes

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