Stay Wire

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The stay wire is a type of hot dip galvanized wire for telegraph & telephone poles, transmission lines poles, signal poles, railway track signals.

The stranded wire is cold drawn from steel and coated with zinc, the finish strand and the individual wires having uniform quality and have the properties and product characteristics as specified in technical specification.

More about Stay Wire
Construction: 7 Strand (6 1)
Specifications: IS: 2141, BS: 183
Size: 7/1.60 to 7.40mm

Coil Specifications
Grade Tensile Grade Min. Tensile Strength (N/mm2)
1 1770 1770
2 1570 1570
3 1100 1100
4 700 700
5 450 450

The galvanized steel stay strand protected with paper/polythene/HDPE and outside wooden lagging on drum/reel.

As specified by the purchaser which is legibly stamped/written on a suitable tag security attached when galvanized stay strands are supplied in coil. In case of galvanized stay strands are supplied in reels, the information are written on both side of the reels and suitably tag giving the same information be attached on the side of the reel.

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